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H.E Seyum Mekonen

Mr. Seyoum Mekonen Hailu's illustrious career trajectory is a testament to his exceptional leadership journey, showcasing his ability to navigate and excel at various levels of government. Beginning his career at the grassroots level in zone governance, Mr. Seyoum's ascent to the role of Regional Vice President exemplifies his adeptness at leading and influencing across different tiers of government. His extensive experience in leadership positions underscores his proficiency in institutional development, strategic planning, and fostering collaboration among diverse sectors to achieve the country development goals.


Throughout his professional journey, Mr. Seyoum has exhibited a steadfast commitment to capacity building and organizational enhancement, evident in his roles as Vice President and Training Head at the Federal African Excellence Leadership Academy. His unwavering dedication to nurturing future leaders and equipping individuals with the necessary skills to drive positive change underscores his belief in the transformative power of investing in human capital for long-term sustainable development.


Mr. Seyoum's academic journey, marked by BA degree at Addis Ababa University, an MBA from Bahir Dar University and an MSc in Environmental Management for Business from Cranfield University, UK, underlines his commitment to a holistic approach in fostering sustainable development. His roles as Chief Executive Officer of the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation and General Manager of the Amhara Mass Media Agency showcase not only executive prowess but also an acute understanding of the media's role in environmental advocacy.


From his tenure as Regional Vice President Social Cluster Coordinator in the Amhara National Regional State to his leadership role at the Federal African Excellence Leadership Academy, Mr. Seyoum seamlessly intertwines regional development with environmental consciousness. He is also leading different institutions by being board chairman and member.

His global exposure from training and visits to countries like the USA, China, and the UK equips Mr. Seyoum with insights into international best practices in environmental sustainability. In his current role as the State Minister of Planning and Development in charge of Environment and climate change and population and development, he brings a nuanced perspective to Ethiopia's strategic initiatives, forging a harmonious relationship between development goals and environmental stewardship. Mr. Seyoum's dynamic leadership not only propels the nation's growth but also positions environmental sustainability at the forefront of Ethiopia's development trajectory.